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Other Languages

At this time, this list is just an incomplete collection of SAX2 support in languages other than Java. Having a listing here doesn't necessarily mean it's “official” in any sense. Some of these have been developed to support specific implementations, not to support multiple vendors. If you know of other SAX binding, please provide links.

  • The GNU Compiler for Java (GCJ) has for some time derived C++ bindings ("CNI" versus "JNI") directly from the Java interfaces. These allow C++ programs to use SAX2 Java parsers compiled to native code just like C++ classes, with only the overhead of a C++ virtual method invocation, not the significantly larger overhead of JNI.
  • Microsoft's MSXML 3.0 parser defines a COM binding, accessible from C, C++, Visual Basic, and more.
  • Pascal, with a Delphi focus. Version 1.1 is done, supports SAX2r2.
  • Perl (also check CPAN).
  • Python 2.0 and later bundles several SAX packages (xml.sax and so on) as part of its markup processing support.
  • SAX in C++, provides another C++ binding, using standard features of C++ such as namespaces, std::string, and templates.
  • Xerces-C, part of the Apache XML project, defines its own C and C++ bindings. This C++ binding makes minimal use of C++ features.
  • Curl Corporation defines its own web content language, and includes SAX2 support in its runtime environment.
  • ElCel Corporation provides a C++ XML toolkit with a SAX 2.0 binding.